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best baby bath – build in scale and thermometer

Brave New Mom

Posted by on Feb 6, 2013

Brave New Mom

Aqua Scale- Making bath time fun and easy


When my husband Danny first told me about the Aqua Scale, I thought to myself, “Why would anyone need a scale in their baby bathtub?” Little did I know the Aqua Scale would change the way I think about baby bathtubs, and scales!

After my son Declan was born, we gave him his first bath in a generic baby bathtub that we got for free. This bathtub had a no slip feature and of course was built at an angle so the baby could keep his head out of the water, but giving him a bath just wasn’t a one man job. I had to hold him from behind the shoulders to keep him from going under the water or getting into an uncomfortable position, while Danny washed him. The look on Declan’s face was of uncertainty and he was one slippery baby!

About 3 weeks later, we received our Aqua Scale and gave him his first aqua scale bath. That’s when I noticed one of it’s best features. I was able to put my son in the bathtub and not have to worry that he would slip out of my hands. In fact, because this bathtub has places for the arms and legs to go and an elevated head rest, I was able to safely let go of him and had two free hands to clean him!

When Declan was going through some rough and fussy nights, I started putting him in the bath as part of his nightly routine and he loved it. His favorite thing to do is kick and splash in the water and he was able to get out some of his excess energy before going to bed. The warm water also relaxed him.

I started to realize how important it is to know the weight of your baby when everyone was asking me how much he weighed. It’s especially important in those first few weeks to make sure your baby is gaining weight and getting the nutrition that it needs.

The best part about the scale is that you can weigh him in the water. It makes it fun to guess his weight when we weigh him between doctor visits.

This scale also has a digital thermometer, so you can make sure the water is just the right temperature before baby gets in.

And what’s even better is once your baby becomes a toddler, you can easily remove the leg rest to convert it into a toddler tub.

I really love this product. It has made us all enjoy bath time and I’ve gotten to realize how much my son really loves the water. I recently enrolled him in an early swim class.



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