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Doctor, Lactation Consultant & Parent Testimonials

Posted by on Feb 11, 2013

Doctor, Lactation Consultant & Parent Testimonials

“Measuring baby’s weight during the first year of life is one way doctors know that a baby is growing and thriving.  Giving parents the ability to accurately weigh baby at home in a comforting environment allows parents to easily track baby’s growth and gives them reassurance between doctor visits.” –  Susan Landers, MD, FAAP, FABM, Board Certified in Pediatrics, Neonatal & Perinatal Medicine

Daddy Danny of Dad Labs shares his five favorite things about the Aqua Scale

“The Aqua Scale is great, it keeps me from worrying about my daughter’s weight as I am able to track her progress from home instead of waiting for our next visit to the pediatrician. Also, the built in water thermometer is very useful and allows me to know both when the bath water is too hot or getting too cold.” – Adria S.

“I was a little nervous about putting my newborn in the Aqua Scale at first, because it seemed so big. I wasn’t sure if she’d slip down or move around because she was only 8 pounds. But the built in supports in the Aqua Scale held her in place and she didn’t slip at all.  I love being able to weigh her every day at bath time, and know she’s gaining weight as she should.  It makes bath time fun and reassuring!” — Shelley R.

“My 8 week old daughter hated her other baby bath tub–she felt insecure and freaked out when we washed her. Our Aqua Scale was delivered today and she LOVES it! Thank goodness. Plus, the Aqua Scale weighed her perfectly. I tested it by seeing if it weighed her accurately with and without water–and it did. Very very pleased and I highly recommend this baby bath tub.” – Beth L.