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AquaScale, do you really need a bath stand?

Posted by on Aug 6, 2013

AquaScale, do you really need a bath stand?

A lot of you are inquiring about a stand, the good news is AquaScale is here to SAVE you money. We designed our AquaScale in a way that it has special grip legs that will grip on any surface: your dresser, compact, counter top ext. Because you use the stand to bath only for 3 months, we think it is quite a big investment for such a short time. These legs also insure that your tub will not scratch even when a toddler will play and move in it (other tubs have plastic bottoms that can damage the bath surface). A great advise we got from “the bump” is to wash the baby for the first few months in the KITCHEN!!! If the weather is cold turn on the stove, fill the bath with water from you sink, the big counter top is a perfect wide surface that will give confidence even to beginner moms. If you have any tips or advise on how to bath a newborn feel free to share it with us!