Aqua scale – Baby bath

best baby bath – build in scale and thermometer

How to operate your AquaScale™



Insert the batteries:

(LR3 1.5v AAA) x2


Weight measurement:

AquaScale™ was developed with a measurement freeze function that allows measurement even if the water is moving.


1. Press ON/OFF.

2. Fill the tub with the desired amount of water (up to the line – maximum water level).

3. use the dedicated stand supporter.

4. Press TARE 3 and wait two seconds for the scales to reset.

5. Lay the baby in the AquaScale™ and press NET to get the baby’s net weight. It will calculate movements and HOLD the reading.

a. You can reweigh the baby as many times as you want when in the water, no need to take the baby out to reset the scales.

6. Memorization of a weight:

a. To save last reading press MODE 1 for three seconds.

b. To see saved reading press MODE 1 for three seconds after.

c. To convert KG to LB: one short press on MODE 1.


Never leave your baby unattended in the AquaScale™

Adjust the removable ergonomic part and make sure it is adjusted well (test the part and make sure it

strongly holds before laying the baby in the tub.


• Convenient for babies from 0 to  24  months and until 15 kg.

• For domestic use only.

• Water temperature should not exceed 38°C.

• Make sure the drain plug is well tightened.

• Always clean the bath with a non-abrasive detergent and dry with a damp cloth.

• Remove the battery if the AquaScale™ is not going to be used for a long period.

• Do not use the bath if anything is broken or missing.

• Using AquaScale™ to monitor your baby’s weight


1. Make sure the waters temperature is approximately 37°C before laying the baby in the bath.
2. Water’s temperature appears on the LCD and automatically updates the reading.
3. To convert Fahrenheit to Celsius – one short press on MODE.

1. First position 0-6 months: adjust the removable supporter and make sure it is adjusted well (test the part and make sure it strongly holds before laying the baby in the bath).
2. Lay the baby on the comfortable anti slip foam.
3. When baby is too old for seat (around 6 months old) permanently remove the ergonomic post (no tool needed: slightly push against the opposite wall and remove) and put the baby on the opposite side.


***doesn’t exempt from regular weight control by a doctor or paediatrician.